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Digital hypes


Behind the buzzwords

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging incessantly. Whether it's user-generated content, corporate influencers, or AI in content marketing – we provide clarity and assist you in recognizing and harnessing the potential of these digital trends for your company's communication.

Introduction to the significance of digital trends and hypes for online communication and marketing. Followed by:

Variant 1: Overview

Overview of current developments in the digital space: What platforms, technologies, and approaches are trending?


Variant 2: Deep dive

Deep dive into a current trending platform, technology, or tool.

This is for:

first mover
& early adopter

It contains:

input, 2 hours,




After this input, you will understand how digital trends and hypes work, know how to categorize them, and can leverage their potential in your company's online communication and marketing.

Let's explore digital trends together

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