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Welcome to our
Corporate Influencer Program

"The reach of corporate influencers is 600% higher on LinkedIn than corporate pages"

In the growing flood of content, corporate messages often get lost. At the same time, organic reach for businesses is becoming increasingly limited. Those who don't allocate hefty advertising budgets remain invisible.


These are gloomy prospects, but there is an alternative: Your team! As corporate influencers, your employees become brand ambassadors who give your company a face and a voice.

Who could better speak about the values, the lived culture, and the DNA of your company? Your employees communicate authentically, approachably, and personally. By sharing their expertise and providing insights into their daily professional lives, they build trust, offer identification potential, and strengthen your company's employer brand.


We have developed a framework with which we can implement a corporate influencer program sustainably, effectively, and with manageable resource investment in your company.


Up to 5 participants



1st Month | Module #1

Strategic fundamentals

Strategy workshop to determine goals and target groups together with management. Planning of resources and integration into existing processes in the company.

1st Month | Module #2

Establishment within the organization

Presentation of the Corporate Influencer Program as well as sensitization and motivation of employees. Including Q&A session. Basis for subsequent internal selection process.

2nd Month | Module #3

Onboarding and Kick-Off

Development of a common vision and corresponding guidelines. Identification of skill and knowledge levels to tailor the corporate influencer program to individual needs.

2nd - 6th Month | Module #4

Accompanying Process

2x 2 months coaching of the Corporate Influencer's editorial work with regular inputs, tutorials & feedback sessions on LinkedIn, copywriting, Canva and tools. After 2 months joint review meeting incl. leadership to evaluate previous activities.

Optional module

Photo or video session at the company on site

Module #5

Hand-over or further development

Previous activities and results achieved by the corporate influencers are transparently compared with strategic objectives and the course is set for the coming months.

Make your team your strongest voice

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